General Guidelines

  • Only family-friendly creatives are allowed.
  • Only click-tracking Javascript creatives are allowed.
  • Creatives are not allowed to auto-redirect to any web page or app stores without prior users' interaction.
  • Creatives are not allowed to auto-load any video content without prior users' interaction.
  • No user prompts should be observed with creatives or landing pages.
  • No auto downloading of files should be observed with creatives or landing pages.
  • No iFrames are allowed.
  • No gambling ads allowed.
  • Creatives must be related to content of landing page.
  • No anti-virus ads allowed.

Landing Page / Destination URL. The landing page to which your ad links must:

  • Always resolve to the same final URL, and never redirect to a different URL than that which was seen when the campaign was first submitted for review.
  • Clearly disclose the company or person responsible for the ad and landing page.
  • Not use any third parties’ brand, logo or design without the express, written permission of such party.

In addition, all creatives in a campaign must click-through to the same landing page domain.

Please email us if you have any questions or doubts regarding the suitability of creatives and advertisers prior to submitting a new campaign. Repeated bad creatives could get your account revoked.

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